Telephone Surveys

Telephone surveys are the perfect option for collecting data from a large, diverse group of landline and cell phone respondents in SP&R’s quality-controlled call center. […]

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Web Surveys

Web-based surveys are great choices for collecting feedback from consumers or employees quickly and accurately. […]

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Automated/IVR Surveys

Automated/IVR (Interactive Voice Response) surveys are a cost-effective research solution that can be used alone or in conjunction with other research services. […]

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Omnibus Surveys

SP&R regularly conducts telephone omnibus surveys in which organizations can submit questions for a sample of landline and cell phone respondents. Conducted twice-annually in the spring and fall, omnibus surveys are a great way for your organization to ask one or more questions to gauge public opinion without conducting an entire survey if budget or [...]

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Focus Groups

SP&R provides a full range of focus group services, including recruitment of participants, moderation of focus groups and reporting of key findings. Focus groups have a variety of uses and can be implemented to test a new product, to test TV, radio or print advertising prior to a public relations campaign, or to complement other [...]

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Premium Access Club

The Premium Access Club is a subscription-based club in which members receive exclusive access to polling results and much more. Members also receive SP&R’s quarterly newsletter on politics and election trends, discounts on polls (including twice-annual omnibus surveys) and expert insight and analysis on the political landscape to help guide your organization’s legislative agenda or [...]

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